Rafiki By The Sea

Rafiki By The Sea

What started as a humble hole-in-the-wall caffeine nook, Rafiki is now a buzzing life source filling the community hole in the heart of Mermaid Beach.

Famous for our reviving smoothie bowls and killer toasties, the no-frills approach to our menu has one questioning how something so simple leaves you fantasising about it for days to come.

Inspired to champion the ‘Carpe Diem’ culture, We set our sights on connecting the community by providing a central meeting point on the beach for our guests.  A place to sit in the sun, sip on a coffee, connect with friends and even make some new ones.

The Team

Flavoursome food and authentic service are the foundations Rafiki is built on. It’s the little details that our tribe doubles down on. We consistently work to create and maintain a memorable experience for all guests, new and old.

The Vision

Rafiki reawakens the soul and fills the hearts. It’s a next generation condiment that brings people together, inspires lively connection, and enriches memories with a taste that lingers in the mind and on the palate. Our vision is to educate and connect communities through lingering flavour, turning every single bite into a tasty delight. By giving people a taste of Africa, we encourage celebration, sharing, and confidence in the kitchen.